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San Francisco Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

golden-gate-park-segway-tour-7 ETC

Photo: San Francisco Electric Tour Company

In all the years I lived in San Francisco, I don’t recall a single time where I actually walked around Golden Gate Park… and now I know why—exploring by segway is so much more fun. Continue reading

4 Sights to See in Palau

palau-above It’s the great outdoors you’ll be wanting to be spending your days in this picturesque archipelago, but be sure to visit during the dry season (which is typically between September and May), otherwise you’ll likely be stuck with thunderstorms. Here are four places to check out:  Continue reading

Ice Fishing: Pyeongchang Trout Festival


Whenever I travel with family, we always try to find activities that everyone will enjoy, which can sometimes be a huge challenge when we have a group of 15 or more – yes, that’s how we roll. But somehow, it always works out. For our most recent winter holiday, we ventured out to South Korea, and among the many stops we made, we found ourselves approximately two-to-three hours away from Seoul at the Pyeongchang Trout Festival.

Continue reading