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Hiking Norway: An Instagram Post


Hamnøy, Moskenes, Lofoten Islands, Norway

I recently had the opportunity to explore Norway during an 8-day hiking trip and let me tell you, photos cannot accurately portray the true beauty of the country. I’ll be doing some more detailed posts on each of the hikes listed below at some point, and hopefully we won’t have another 2-year hiatus on this blog. (My bad!) Continue reading

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

golden-gate-park-segway-tour-7 ETC

Photo: San Francisco Electric Tour Company

In all the years I lived in San Francisco, I don’t recall a single time where I actually walked around Golden Gate Park… and now I know why—exploring by segway is so much more fun. Continue reading

Hiking Taiwan: Mt. Qixing in Yangmingshan National Park


Trails in Yangmingshan National Park

Located in the picturesque Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園), those who venture will be rewarded with sweeping views overlooking Taipei. Continue reading

Explore: Mok Min Cave (木棉洞) in Sai Kung

Lush scenery, a bit of coastal trekking and cave exploring — a visit to Sai Kung’s Mok Min Cave has it all.

Living on Hong Kong island, I often find myself wondering what I’m missing on the “other side,” i.e. Kowloon and New Territories. It’s sometimes a struggle to make myself get out and explore more of the great outdoors, but when you know there’s bound to be fantastic sights and new, fun experiences, it’s all the more motivation to go.

Mok Min Cave is located just off the MacLehose Trail Stage 1, and while you can walk to this junction from the beginning of the trail, you can save your energy and take a taxi, which will drop you off just at the start of the path to Pak Lap Village (depending on your level of fitness, this will be very important for later on.) Continue reading

Hong Kong Hikes: Por Lo Shan (菠蘿山)


Hong Kong has been my home for many years, but all the different landscapes that can be found around town still surprises me. Although this isn’t an official trail, I think it’s safe to say that Por Lo Shan’s unique views makes it worthy of a visit. Continue reading

Hong Kong Hikes: Po Toi Island (蒲台島)


Often referred to as the “South Pole of Hong Kong,” Po Toi Island is, surprise surprise, the southernmost island within Hong Kong boundaries. This is the main island of the Po Toi Islands group, which is made up of ten small islands.

Why should you come here? Its remote location (even though it’s only three kilometres from Hong Kong island) means that there are great unobstructed views. There are also some interesting rock formations and carvings along the way, and the adventurous can go explore on the granite paths. Continue reading

Hong Kong Hikes: Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail

In an effort to explore and see more of Hong Kong’s hiking trails, I agreed to go to the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail with a friend. My only mistake was not doing more research into the trail beforehand, because if I had known what I was getting myself into, I probably wouldn’t have gone before doing some more training first. Continue reading

4 Sights to See in Palau

palau-above It’s the great outdoors you’ll be wanting to be spending your days in this picturesque archipelago, but be sure to visit during the dry season (which is typically between September and May), otherwise you’ll likely be stuck with thunderstorms. Here are four places to check out:  Continue reading

Palau in 10 Instagram Photos

Reminiscing back to a trip taken about a year ago. I’ll be writing more about it soon (a little late, I know…) but in the meantime, have a look through some of my favorite snaps shared on my Instagram.

Continue reading

Antarctica: Our Last Footsteps


Our last landing in Antarctica. An island covered in penguins – both gentoo and chinstrap. There is quite a bit of wind here, so the smell isn’t too bad. Either that, or I have gotten used to the smell of penguin poop… what a terrifying thought. There aren’t any glaciers around, so at least we can walk around with ease. The penguins are all molting, so there are feathers flying everywhere. Note to self: keep mouth closed so feathers don’t fly in when the next breeze comes along.


Aitcho Islands, aka land of the penguins

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