4 Sights to See in Palau

palau-above It’s the great outdoors you’ll be wanting to be spending your days in this picturesque archipelago, but be sure to visit during the dry season (which is typically between September and May), otherwise you’ll likely be stuck with thunderstorms. Here are four places to check out: 

1. Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake in PalauIf swimming in bodies of water where you can’t see the bottom isn’t terrifying enough, add thousands upon thousands of golden jellyfish in there and you’ve got Palau’s Jellyfish Lake. A quick 10-minute walk up rocky terrain will get you to the lake, and after you get used to the delicate little creatures (strong kicks with fins will pretty much kill them), they’re not so bad. They don’t sting humans, so you’re safe. Go when it’s sunny and they’ll all swim towards the surface.

2. Palau’s Milky Way Lagoon

Palau's Milky Way Lagoon A natural spa at its best – it’s customary to dig up the white limestone mud at the bottom, and then cover your entire body with it. Locals claim the mud has anti-aging properties (who knows if it’s true), but unfortunately you’re not allowed to take any of it away with you. After you’ve given some time for the mud to dry, all you need to do is jump into the waters and rinse off before you’re on your way.

3. Big Drop-off

Big Drop-off You know that scene in Finding Nemo where the coral reef just kind of drops off into nothingness? You can find that here. It’s such a strange experience to be hovering over a reef one minute, and then finding yourself staring down into the deep blue sea the next. Go on a clear day and watch all sorts of marine life swimming around – you might even spot a sea turtle or shark.

4. Palau Eco Theme Park

Palau Eco Theme Park If you have a day for adventures on land, this park has a three-course zip-line above Taki Waterfall Park. Take a refreshing dip in the waters below the falls after soaring over the trees; you can hike the way back up, but there is also a monorail that can take you up the valley – be sure to let workers know beforehand if you intend on taking the monorail, so that they can arrange for pick-up.

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