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Our First Glimpse of Orcas


What a rush! A few minutes ago we heard a message over the intercom system – “We’ve just been told orca have been spotted at 11 o’clock, port side. ” I was napping at the time, but as soon as I heard the announcement I put on a hat and raced outside. Sure enough, the orcas were there, and I managed to get just one picture before they disappeared into the water (above). I’ve seen orcas at water parks before, but the experience is completely different when seeing them in the wild.

The usual scene whenever whale sightings were announced – it was always a race to see who could get the best view

The usual scene whenever whale sightings were announced

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Sailing Through the Drake Passage: No Turning Back


Throughout the night, I could hear doors slamming shut and large items falling to the ground, but it wasn’t too bad. The drawers in my closet kept opening, and I could hear the hangers in the closet moving from one end to the other.


Standing out on the deck, for as far as the eye could see, it was open water – no turning back now.  Continue reading

Journey into the Unknown: Life on the Sea Spirit


One last team photo, just before we left for Antarctica

The time has finally arrived! As the Sea Spirit pushed away from the dock, there was an initial cheering from everyone on the expedition, but then, it was almost as if the weight of knowing what leaving Ushuaia meant hit everyone all at once; there was a moment of silence and reflection. The view from the Beagle Channel was spectacular though. Continue reading

Training and Team Building for IAE2013: Martial Glacier Hike

Good morning, Ushuaia!

What an exhilarating morning! Woke up to another beautiful sunrise, and after a quick breakfast, Team Malcolm* was up an out the door for our Martial Glacier hike. Weather conditions were perfect, and although there were a lot of small loose rocks and a steep climb, we all made it to the top without incident. Go team!

Team Malcolm on the Martial Glacier hike

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