Training and Team Building for IAE2013: Martial Glacier Hike

Good morning, Ushuaia!

What an exhilarating morning! Woke up to another beautiful sunrise, and after a quick breakfast, Team Malcolm* was up an out the door for our Martial Glacier hike. Weather conditions were perfect, and although there were a lot of small loose rocks and a steep climb, we all made it to the top without incident. Go team!

Team Malcolm on the Martial Glacier hike

Knowing that we’re leaving tomorrow for the great unknown is both terrifying and exciting. Looking forward to what’s to come!

*IAE2013 consisted of 77 expedition members, who were divided into teams upon arrival to make things easier. Team Malcolm was represented by eight individuals from Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and United States.

The text in this post was taken from an original journal entry made during the International Antarctic Expedition 2013, written on March 2, 2013 in Ushuaia, Argentina.

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