San Francisco Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

golden-gate-park-segway-tour-7 ETC

Photo: San Francisco Electric Tour Company

In all the years I lived in San Francisco, I don’t recall a single time where I actually walked around Golden Gate Park… and now I know why—exploring by segway is so much more fun.


Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park

I know, I know. It sounds supremely lazy to go anywhere via segway, but there’s just something about it that adds an element of adventure. Sure, you could just walk around Golden Gate Park on your own two feet, but that would take so much longer and there isn’t the thrill of feeling the wind in your hair (hah).

golden-gate-park-segway-tour-3 ETC

Photo: San Francisco Electric Tour Company

First things first, you need to do a quick training with SF Electric Tour Company before beginning the tour, just so that you understand how to move around properly (and more importantly, safely) on the segway. The staff will run through some quick drills, touching on the basics of going forward, turning, stopping, quick stops, and how to navigate hills (this is San Francisco, after all). The training lasts about about 40-45 minutes, and the tour will take about 2.5 hours (including the training time).

Tours are limited to a maximum of 8 guests per guide, and they’ll provide you with a helmet, safety vest, and walkie talkie (with earbuds) so that you can hear your guide as you cruise around Golden Gate Park.


Our awesome guide, Trish




golden-gate-park-segway-tour-8 ETC

Photo: San Francisco Electric Tour Company

You can book your tour year-round with SF Electric Tour Company, but make sure to check the website for times as they change depending on the month.

Note: we paid for the Golden Gate Park Segway Tour with Electric Tour Company ourselves.

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